Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Hoo Doing another Happy Dance!!!

As hoped I was able to finish up Emerald monday evening:

It was fun to stitch I think it would be a great little ornament.

I have continued on in my ANG correspondence course:

Kinda of seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. I have 3 complete sections to finish and 2 partial really hoping to get done by the end of March. I think I can I think I can.
My stitching, and sewing room is starting to come together. The DH has finished up the trim around the floor curtians ready to be hung. Today we went looking for a chair to sit in there. Still need to look some more. Then I have the massive task of organizing my stash to go in. I figured it is going in organized because I am afraid that if I just put in there I will never get to it.
Kandi Rose is doing well. We had her spayed on Friday so it was pretty quiet around her that evening no zooming kitty. She has been pretty quiet since she got home. I am not sure how I am supposed to keep her that way for two weeks though. She all ready brought us her mouse for a little game of fetch with we didn't indulge her in. Kandi Rose did get a new scratching post since she was a good little patient (we just won't talk about getting her in the carrier). She has taken right to the post. The DH is convinced she needs a taller one so I think we will have a couple around the house. Yes she is well loved.
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


Lelia said...

lovely stitching!!! Good to hear Kandi Rose is doing ok

Cathy said...

Karol they both look great.