Sunday, February 27, 2011

There Some Stitching Going On!

I have been doing some stitching this week. It doesn't look like I made much progress on my Correspondence course this week:

It took me almost all week to get in the circles on the left side. Detached buttonhole... All I can say was I almost threw the towel in on this project. But I think I have turned a corner on it. Hoping to have it done by March ANG meeting.
This weekend was the February Chicago ANG meeting and it was a lot of fun and inspiration. Our monthly class was this Tony Mineri piece Emerald:

I am really hoping to get it done tomorrow evening I only have the corners to do. It would be nice to take to my NANI EGA meeting Tuesday. It has been a quick stitch I think that is what I need.
After our monthly meeting we started a workshop. Holiday Patches:

This is so much fun the workshop continued today so I was able to make progress on many parts of it. I look forward to getting back to this one.

Kandi Rose is getting along really well. For some reason she has decided that I need supervision when I am on the computer though and sometimes just plants herself right on the keyboard. Of course she could be looking for a stray pencil.
Unitil next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


Karen en Marc said...

all those stitches, I've never tried it, well not that way.
Give Kadi Rose a hug from me, she looks really happy at her new home.

Debra said...

you do such beautiful work