Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stitching By and Saying Hi!

I hope everyone has had a good week! Mine was non eventful which is nice. On the stitching front I made a lot of progress in Tahiti:

I started this last Sunday evening and am please with my progress. I am thinking this may be a Christmas gift. It does remind me of a tropical crazy quilt.
On the tatting front:

I did have some problems. I was working along on my first bookmark the green and pink and when I went to do a join I split the threads:(! Unfourtnantely I did it so bad I could not have cut it and rejoined. Lesson learned slow down a little bit. I did play around with some smaller thread also which I do like the look of. I am thinking I need to just set one to two days a week to devote to tatting. It seems when I am jumping to stitching sometimes I get a little hurried not a good thing. I do want to get a little more proficient before I try to do the next lesson.
Yesterday was my Chicago ANG meeting. It was a wonderful day. I got my critique back on Garden Walk. I was really nervous about this so much so I all most gave up on the project. But the reviews came back and they were so complimentary I was astounded. The DH said why are you suprised I guess you are your own worse critic. Since this was my first correspondence course complition I received my thimble pin for my nametag:

The other pins are for completed monthly classes and workshops. It is also the 25th anniversay for the guild. We had a nice luncheon and we all received these wonderful gifts:

The flowers is a pattern for an eyeglass case. I really should do that for my sunglasses maybe I would remember to wear them like I am supposed to. Then we got a notebook went right into the bag I bring for meetings and a wonderful travel mug. The board has decided we should go green for our meetings so the cup will go in my bag also. I am really happy that I joined this group it a great bunch of stitchers and I have learned a lot!

Until next time

May you be blessed with stitches,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Wonderful Stitchy Week

I would have to say I have had a wonderful week of stitching! I did have a few days off work(but I did do some other things besides stitching) so that would have to help.
First Happy Dance:

My Mystery ANG Sampler by Sue Reed. I just love how this turned out and my color choice. Ok I know pink and green but they are my favorite!
Another Happy Dance:

I finished Seasonal Sampler by Bent Creek this evening! This was quick, cute and fun! I then started another canvas piece but not really enough to show.
On the tatting front some more butterflies and my first attempt at rings and chains:

I was nervous about the rings and chains but once I got going I really got the hank of it.

Yesterday Lelia (stitches of life) and I went to the Illinois Lace day. What fun! I don't know how long that I have wanted to learn more about lace and lace making. That dream is finally coming true!

While we were there we got to meet Diane from Lace lovin Librarian. She gifted me with one of her blinged shuttles:

I think it is so cute! I am really thinking of using it to do my first project. I am going to start a bookmark this week.

Another thing I always wanted to learn was bobbin lace. I purchased a kit in the 90's and was never able to figure out where to begin. So yesterday Lelia and I took the beginning class:

He may not look like much and he might not be perfect but I am hooked on bobbin lace! So much that I joined the guild over in Illinois looking forward to learning so much more.

All I know is that I am going have to figure out how to add more hours to my day or start drinking caffine after noon again so I can stay up later. Between my cross stitching, canvas work, tatting, bobbin lace and the ocassional crochet and knitting project not sure when I will have time. Guess housework will have to go;)!

Until next time

May you be blessed with stitches,


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Stitchy Year

Well another year older today. It was a good year even with surgery. Learned alot and stitched alot! Made more memories with the family. I would have to say I feel better then I did a year ago so that is a good thing. Hoping this year goes smoothly and make more memories with family and friend and of course stitch.

This week has been busy but I did get a little bit done on my Myster Sampler by Sue Reed done:

Hoping to do the happy dance over this piece this week. Especially since I am off of work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday(yipee!!!)
Did some more tatting:

Seems to be coming along just need a lot of practice!!
This coming Saturday I am going to take a class on Bobbin Lace. Something else I have always wanted to learn. Stay tuned for pics!
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Have I been Up to this week....

I had a happy dance.....

Graphic Expressions by Sue Reed all finished up. Another pleasure to stitch on. I truly enjoy her designs. So I pulled out my stitch along piece for ANG and started working on the final two lessons.
Got to have some quality time with Ms. Kandi Rose:

She was taking a nap will I practiced my new craft I am trying to learn:


I have always wanted to learn so finally took the plunge. Not much to look at yet but I am getting the hang of it.

Oh I also cut off 8 inches of hair this week! It is on its way to be donated to the Pink Heart funds. Hopefully it will help some woman or child who is suffering with hair loss.

So all in all I think a pretty productive week.

Hope yours was also!

Until next time

May you be blessed with stitches,