Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am watching you

I do believe that spring is trying to make an apperance. I actually heard birds this morning. I think that Kandi Rose has discovered the outside also. She has been watching out the sliding glass door behind the couch I usually sit on or she sits on top of it and looks out and basks in the limited sun that we have had. I do believe that she has recovered from her surgery. She has been zooming around more each day.

Of course today I went to a cat show and came home with some new toys. Lots of lovely kitties t see.
On the stitching front I have been continuing on with my correspondence course. I really want to get it done by a week from this Friday. I think I can I think I can....

I have a little bit more to do on the left side bar. Then the bottom bar. I also have to stitch up a few butterflies that will complete the section 2nd from the bottom. Then some beadweaving in the second section from the top. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I do hope that you are beginning to see signs of spring in your area.
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,

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