Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rolling Along

The time came yesterday to move the old scroll rods!! A victory in and of itself with a large project.
Here is the whole top half before I moved the rods last night:

So I am back over on the left hand side and her is a pic to where I got to today:

This path across is only about three rows and then it is off to the next set of pages.
I hope you all are having a great week. Me I am hoping for a cooling trend. It was quite pleasant today hopefully it will continue.
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


Faye said...

I admire you!! this is a very intricate piece and I cannot wait to see it finished....Faye

Paisley said...

You're making amazing progress!

Lelia said...

fantastic Karol! Your speed with stitching this piece is amazing!!!

Sunday was beautiful. Low humidity & all. Dave, Tori & I went to the outlet mall in Michigan City. They both needed 'work' clothes & accessories. After that, we went to the lakefront festival & enjoyed all the booths. My fav booth had pendants made out of pieces of pottery - from china patterns. Very unique!

Debra said...

That is beautiful!

Vicky L said...

I love the colors! it is gorgeous! you are doing a great job!

Cathy said...

Wow Karol you are a fast stitcher. Great progress.

Raggedy Ann said...

wow! Your stitching is absolutely beautiful :)