Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Dance

WooHoo! I have a happy dance! My interpertation of Peach Melba by Needle Delights:

This was a fun piece to do. I was not sure about the Jessica Stitch at first. But I did enjoy doing it. I finished this up just a little while ago I think that I will be back stitching on Pathways tomorrow.
How was everyone's Mother Day I hope it was a pleasant one. Mine was a little bittersweet. Our DS got another promotion which is fantastic!! The down side is that now he will be moving again. This time from Indianapolis, IN about 2-3 hours away to Charleston ,WV about 8. He was home this weekend saying his goodbyes the movers will pack him up on Friday and he will be on his way. We are going to keep the grandpuppy for awhile till he gets settled and figures out when he has to go for some advance training. But we are so proud.
Happy Mothers Day to all my stitching friends. Hope you all got to spend time with your moms and the kids that made you moms. Also hope you got to spend some time thinking about your mom and the great memories if she is looking down on you from heaven (miss ya mom).
Until next time,
May you be blessed with stitches,


Lelia said...

peach melba looks fantastic! Happy Mother's Day : )

Judy S. said...

What an interesting piece, Karol. At first glance I thought it was pieced and didn't realize you had stitched it. Could you do a close up of the Jessica stitch? I've never heard of it.

Coni said...

Woo Hoo! How lovely! And kudos to you on the Jessicas...once you get the hang of them, they're pretty fun to do, right? ;-)

Love your colors on this, and the stitching (as always) is just divine!

Brigitte said...

Your finished piece looks so great. Congratulations!