Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finished Finish

The sewing machine is back! Today I tried my hand and made two flanged pillows for the first time.

Probably will not win any awards but in do time I think I will get better at it. Believe me I have a pile of things that need to be finished finished!!! On the stitching front since I am going to be making a change in my rotation I am trying to get seasons done. I have one more block then I need do the outlining and then it will be finished. So stay tuned for an update in the next couple of days. Yesterday I made a trip to House of Stitches in Laporte to pick up some materials for some ornaments. Had to order some floss that they where out of so I will have to make another trip in a few weeks when they get in. Which will be ok since when I got home the patterns for the boston terriers had arrived so I will need to get some linen and probably some dmc to do those. Then I really need to go on the a statsh diet for awhile but of course the Mirabellia tree just came out for 2008 so I will probably need to get it.
On the blogging front sorry I have not been leaving comments I really need to get better about that but be assured I am reading them on a daily basis. Everyone is so inspiring!
Well I need to do some things for my ega meeting this tuesday, then I get to stitch and watch the Bears. Hoping for a win since it seems the chicago baseball teams are not having that much luck at all.
Until next time,
May you be blessed with stitches,


staci said...

Really cute pillows! That flanged finish looks really hard to've done a terrific job :)

Mylene said...

Both turned out great. well done!!

~Kim~ said...

Wonderful finishes!!


tammie said...

love the pillows and cant wait to see those boston terriers lol have fun and happy stithcing

Paisley said...

Your pillows turned out great!