Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Stitching Along

Well I missed posting last Sunday. This has been a busy week... Plans every evening but I have gotten some stitching in the past two weeks! I got up to date and this month's done for my Sue Reed piece: I am really enjoying this piece and the colors. Looking forward to taking a class from Sue next month at ANG also:)! Since I had that caught up I though I would get out my holiday patches: Got the fabric down and began working on the padded boarders. Then I get to do the fun stuff!! Tomorrow I am off to Atlanta for a conference for work. Decided I would take a cross stitch piece with me. A little easier and smaller. I do hope that I have a little time to stitch. The schedule is looks pretty busy though. I thought I would share a picture of Kandi Rose:
This was taken when she was actually on the computer desk but not on the keyboard of the laptop. A rare occurence.

I hope were ever you are that you are getting a little spring weather.

Until next time

May you be blessed with stitches,


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