Monday, August 17, 2009

Stitchers Blogging Birthday Gift Received

I wanted to share what I received today in the Stitchers Blogging Birthday Exchange:

This is my first year doing this. Boy was the package full. Tammie from A Stitch in Time sent this to me. I guess my first package was lost in the mail and Tammie graciously stitched something else and put this lovely package together. It was hard to get everything in!
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


tammie said...

i really hoped you liked it i was upset that your first package went amiss and stillhope thatyou recieve it as although i stitched the same piece i half filled it with rice and stuffing.. so wondering if that hindered it.. glad you liked it all and happy belated birthday.

Lelia said...

Oh what fun!