Thursday, August 20, 2009

Counting My Blessings!!!!

Well not much of a stitchy post today. I have been stitching this week on exchange pieces so no photos. Tomorrow I am bringing out And Thy Sinned for a week.
I am counting my blessings today because a tornado ripped through our town last evening!! I was home by myself and did not even know really except for some hard rain and the lose of power shortly there after. My DH got home and said something blew through because there where trees down then our DS called he had got a call from one of his fraternity brothers that live an hour away that had heard that something had gone through and our town and wanted to see if we where all right. The tornado did most of the damage in the downtown area about 5 blocks from our DD and her boyfriend. I am so thankful that it appears no one was injured.
If any one is in the area of Needles Nest in Mishawaka, IN this Saturday let me know. I am planning on heading over that way.
Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


Pat Winter said...

Karol, I think I have been to Needle's Nest once. If it is the store I am thinking of, I am green with envy right now. What a selection of threads. WOW!!!
Glad you are alright. We weren't hit either, just rain. What a mess. It hit one block from where I will be painting..on Indiana Ave.

Lelia said...

Karol: Good to know you (and family) are ok. That storm did monster damage where it hit : (

Take care & enjoy Saturday. Think of me for next time

Cathy B said...

These must have been the same storms that hit Minneapolis on Wednesday!

Glad you and your family were spared!