Friday, July 3, 2009

A frame job and some Stash

Today I ran over to House of Stitches to pick up the birth sampler:

Thanks for the great job ladies and the suggestion on the frame. It turned out perfect!!!!

Of course I could not resist a little stash shopping!
House of Stitches was having a Workbasket trunk show and I picked up this:

I changed the colors my floss is the antique rose(I think that is the name) and the linen has sort of a greenish tint. I can't help it I am hooked on these colors.
I also picked up this cute little kit complete with linen and thread:

Also this mag:

It has a Nora Corbett Sunflower fairy that really caught my eye!

To all my US stitching sisters and brothers May you have a Blessed, Safe and Happy 4th!!
For those of you who have served our country or have family members that do BLESSINGS and THANKS!!!!

Until next time,
May you be blessed with stitches,


TattingChic said...

That framed piece is such a nice gift!
Enjoy your stash! :)

averyclaire said...

The birth sampler is adorable. You work so quickly. I never seem to get anything accomplished. Thanks for your kind words.

Pat Winter said...

Such a thoughtful gift and framed beautifully. I had plans to hit house of stitches yesterday however unexpected painting duties got in the way.:-(
Maybe next week.............

Susan said...

Very cute framing! Nice stash haul, too.

Happy 4th!

Lelia said...

Nice sampler! It is just beautiful. Great selections of stash, too --- I picked out the Workbasket pattern with the baskets. There were 4 baskets - one of each season. I forget the name. I had seen the pattern before; however, when I saw the model, I bought the pattern immediately!!!!!

Coni said...

What a wonderful gift! I think that frame is one of my all time really shows your stitching nicely!

Maggie R said...

what a beautiful sampler... Nice stash too VBG

Debra said...

Oh the birth sampler is just too cute. Love the flew in at...LOL! I also like the heart pattern you picked up.