Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Award and an Update

Thanks to Vicky L. of Nutmegger Stitchers Work I have won this award. I have to list 5 addictions and 5 fabby friends.

My 5 addictions are:

1. My family and kids!

2. Stitching

3. Visiting needlework shops and more statsh

4. Learning other needlwork techniques

5. Sharing and spending time with other needleworkers.

My 5 fabby friends are:

1. Lelia of Stitches of Life

2. Pat of Pat Winters Gatherin

3. Coni of Spinster Stitcher

4. Vonna of Twisted Stitcher

5. Tina of Stitching in Texas

I have been stitching away on my HAED project. Unfourtnately last night the frog came to visit. Do you know how hard it is to "rip it" on over 1 on 25 ct. YUCK! But it is out and I am ready to get back to it. Hopefully that frog jumped right out into the snow!

Until next time,

May you be blessed with stitches,




Pat Winter said...

Thanks Karol, how sweet! I'm glad you enjoy my blog.I will post my award today.
:-) Pat

Cathy B said...

Enjoy what is left of your weekend Karol!

Pat Winter said...

The frog came to cute!

Vonna said...

Oh goodness to Betsy! I DO know what it is like to rip out 1 over 1 on 25 ct. Cause I had to do it on my HAED Friday night...needless to say - I was disgusted! :o)
Thank you so much for granting me the award, I'll have to do it on my blog really soon! And of course I think you and your blog and lovely stitching are FABULOUS too! Hugs Karol!

Coni said...

You rock! Thank you for the award, my fellow stitchy sister! We are going to have to meet up one of these days (If we haven't already run into each other at House of Stitches). Stay warm and safe and dry's stitchy weather over here in Mishawaka!

Lelia said...

Thx for the award - so sorry to hear the frog came visiting. Argh!

Enjoy the week-end