Saturday, August 16, 2008

What was I thinking?????

Well, for the weekend not only do we have the one grandpuppy that lives here all the time we also have my dd and her boyfriends two puppies(grandpuppy two and three). What a sight when grandpuppy number one a full grown husky(who thinks he is the prince of grandma's castle) comes in to find that "his castle" has been invaded by his two cousins the boston terriers (one year old boy and five month old girl) needless to say I do not think he was to happy. Little Lucy decided it was pretty much bedtime and Rocky thought he would just attack his bigger cousin Bear! I hope I can get some stitching done this weekend! Fourtantly Bear loves to be outside from sun up to sun down and the weather looks like it will cooporate for that.
I do think I will take a reprive and head over to the House of Stitches in LaPorte and check out the 2nd annual Midwest Stash reduction sale (like I need to buy more stash) but it is for a good cause the American Heart Association. I will try to share some pictures tomorrow of what jumps into my car.
May your day be blessed with stitches!


Heidi said...

Hi Karol! Thanks for your sunshine wishes on my blog. Blogging is a wonderful and addictive world. Welcome! I love your recent finishes.

Hugs ~

Lelia said...

Ah, the Dog Days of Summer!! Sounds like a good romp is in the works around your home : )

Yeah, wasn't the sale a blast? Always fun to get together to buy, sell, or visit with stitchie pals.

Our buddy, Sue D won one of the prizes. Isn't she the lucky duck today???

I hope they made a bundle for the cause. Enjoy the week-end

Ruth said...

You've earned a stash sale.... Enjoy!