Monday, August 25, 2008

Lizzie Kate Finish

I was able to get this done yesterday. This weekend I hope to get some fabric and make it into a flange pillow (my first attempt). I think it such a cute little saying and a good excuse to spend more time stitching instead of cleaning!:)! I hope all of you are well!
Until next time:
May your day be blessed with stitches!


Mylene said...

Great finish!!

Wendy said...

Great finish, Karol! And what a great saying, something I really do live by anyways LOL!

Vicky L said...

It looks great! I am in middle of stitching the pattern myself. I cant wait to get it done. Thank you for the award. It is my first.

Anonymous said...

cute finish!

Anonymous said...

I own this pattern & will be stitching it soon I love this little saying.