Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Statsh and Stitching

Well I got started on the birth sampler. Not much to see yet but it is a start"

Saturday I had my ANG meeting and this was our class project:

It will be a frame weight when finished. It is stitching up pretty quickly.
Saturday after ANG I ran over to House of Stitches to drop off something to get framed. Of course I could not walk out of there with out making some purchases :)!

I made the plunge and got my first Hawk Run Hallow. I just love this piece. I think I will be doing it with the silk. Just wanted to look it over first.

I also found this piece. It is called Stitchers Web. It is done on linen but it reminds me of some of my canvas pieces.

I also got Rose Hill Plantation. I think this is a great pice and look forward to stitching it.

In addition to my stitching this week. We got a new car. I am now the proud owner of 2010 Chevy Traverse. It sure seems big!

Until next time
May you be blessed with stitches,


Vicky L said...

I love your new stash, especially Rose Hill Plantation. I am just a sucker for LHN and CCN patterns. Great start on your wip too.

Lelia said...

Beautiful ANG project! A frame weight? REally? It looks very kewl

Nice stash haul from the House of Stitches. Don't they have everything!!

Very brave to start the hawk run pieces. They are stitching intensive : ) Does that mean no updates on your other long sampler?

You select the most advanced stuff

Congrats on the new vehicle!

averyclaire said...

Congratulations on your new stash pieces and your CAR!!! Sounds wonderful. You really purchased some beautiful pieces...but then you do beautiful work!!

Debra said...

Nice progress and beautiful stitching and stashing.